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findtherightjob is not the right site to find a job

November 11, 2011

With a title like that, I could I NOT resist but apply.

Now I wish I did resisted

After halfway filling it out, (with my cell phone filled in no less) I began to realized there was something not quite right. I mean it had those trustworthy looking badges of trust (as in BBB and disclosure that the site will not use your information to be sold off to a third party) Then when I clicked on the BBB it text away how this site

CollegeBound Network LLC

is trustworthy

What the hell? CollegeBound? I thought this site was called findtherightjob but not a site about being bound to a money draining land known as “college”. I clicked off the site. Too bad the site decided to give me a call.

“Hello?” me grumpy

“Is this (insert name here)” A overly familiar male greeted me on my cel phone

“Yea” me still grumpy

“This call is to welcome you to the! Looking jobs in your area?” Why does this man sound so friendly?

“Yea and also in the city as well” me well still grumpy

“You should see what jobs are available soon in your email. I see here you are interested in further your education!” Oh is this why this man sound so friendly

“No I did not” Me grumpy evolved into not so happy me

“Bu-” the friendly man starting to lose his friendly tone

“I said, I didn’t indicate that” Hell it wasn’t even a option “Click here if you want to further your education (aka further that hole in your bank account)

“Well you have a nice night” Friendly man tried to maintain his friendly tone

“Yea you too” me click

findtherightjob my ass


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  1. Contact me, I’d like to talk about how you where driven to the page. I’ve included my email.

  2. I received a phone call from this number and I did in fact go onto the site findtherightjob in search for work. However I realized there was an option to further your education and I did NOT opt out. This is why I received calls, and this is why many of you have been receiving calls. I redid the entire process and opted out of receiving calls about furthering my education and I never received a phone call!!!! This site does work because I did received a job offer for a position I applied to and the company hired me!

  3. phil permalink

    findtherightjob is a legitimate job finder website. I stumbled upon findtherightjob and they offered me to further my education in order to find a better job quicker and I agreed to it. After finishing my additional education, I was offered multiple positions and was hired by one!

    • kimchee permalink

      sp, jennifer and phil… how much did they pay you to comment in here?

    • I need proof this is legit

    • nope asshole is not even real

    • Dan Crosby permalink

      Did you really? Your comment was short and vague, as you didn’t mention what exactly this “additional education” was, nor how long it took. Did “FindTheRightJob” themselves actually hire you? I ask that question because your comment sounds exactly like the sort of damage control scripted by a company whose practices are suspected as being less than forthright and ethical.

  4. Richard permalink is yet another `job hunting`site that get their information from a site like Indeed or Monster yet sells your information to College recruiters that will incessantly load you with calls to have you spend $70 000.00 for education. NOT A JOB RESEARCH SITE.

  5. awww really guys? or did findtherightjob paid you guys to comment on this? can I get paid too?

  6. Reblogged this on The Notorious D.O.U.G. and commented: website review, the site appears to be a front for obtaining your contact info and then calling you the same day (sometimes w/n hours) selling you something.

    • Intrigue again I keep getting comments on this year old blog. I thank you for the reblog and I hope it helps and thanks for the information

      • It is odd how that happens bit non matter what year I have the feeling your site review will be spot on for them.

  7. If you took the time to opt out of the ads-like I did-you wouldn’t be complaining. Yes I did receive a call, no it wasn’t about furthering my education (I just graduated), it was a recruiter asking what I was looking for, and will send e-mails. You must be one of those that clicks on everything. You don’t have to. Yes job searching sucks, but any resource that can help is good. You probably are one of those that sends out 50 apps a month?

    • Ah another comments I never expected to get after what a year this has been blogged. Well good sir can I asked you how you came across this blog? Because I really didn’t expect to get any comments at all – left alone someone that left a email address behind. I’m glad to hear you had a positive experience because you were more focus on your career goals and wasn’t stress out by life. So instead of feeding in anymore negative feelings in this already negative blog which I long abandon, enjoy your life

  8. Dan Crosby permalink

    The exact same thing happened to me. They called me about 3 minutes after I entered my phone number and e-mail and before I had even finished their questionnaire! Just like with you the caller seemed very up-beat and personable until I tried asking questions… that’s when he started to cut me off and when I realized he was reading from a script. When he came to the line “I heard you’re interested in furthering your education…?” (he didn’t hear it from me!), I had said yes, but then I remembered that I fell victim to this sly con once before with another job search site (I was getting calls EVERYDAY from some b.s. out of state college who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer until I got fed-up and screamed at them) so I changed my mind, saying ‘No, strike that I’m not interested’ to which his reply was to IMMEDIATELY HANG-UP! I won’t completely knock them because I did find a few leads from their e-mails to me, so I’m waiting to see if my applications pan out. Be advised though, that these sites will constantly re-direct you to other sites that require you to register with them before they’ll show you any leads ( and who are probably running the same con so they can get paid by these “secondary education” institutions ). God, how I miss the old days when newspapers had pages of ads in the “Help Wanted” sections!

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